Rev Rabia

Music Earthy and Spiritual

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A powerful blend of righteous guitar picking and senuous raspy vocals. Evokes the 60's coffee house scene.



photo by Keizo Yamazawa

 Wannabe Hippies

photo by Isis Wozniakoska

 Sunday Blues

photo by Keizo  Yamazawa

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Rev. Rabia with Virgil Thrasher

Never Too Late

Were this record musically inept, the names alone would be worth the price of admission. Fortunately, there’s no ineptitude here, only some great acoustic blues and songwriting from this collaboration between Rev. Rabia Wozniakowska and Virgil Thrasher. Rev. Rabia is from the Bay Area, and her singing and acoustic guitar are joined on some of the selections by Virgil Thrasher, Robert Lowery’s harmonica-player-in-residence, for a spate of covers ("Spoonful," "Help Me," "Cry Like a Baby") intermingled with some fantastic originals.

— Andrew Grafe

"She is a raw ethereral folk blues singer, yet with a sweet quality that immediately touches the heart."  Frank Matheis, the Country Blues

"futures blue(S)"

available on CD baby and itunes

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released 2016

"If your bag is acoustic blues, this one's a delight and perfectly suited for you" (Marty Gunther. BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE)

   Available for download on iTunes , Spotify 

"Heartbreaking songs that will certainly moves...her emotional delivery exceeds the normal average of  many other similar artists" Vincente Zumel

"...We always show up to hear you play.Sunday mornings are what bring us together in friendship..."  (from a letter from fans who saw us Sunday mornings at Cafe Med n Berkeley 2013.