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Rev. Rabia has been singing in the Bay Area for over 30 years . She hails from Sacramento where she began learning guitar at age 14 when

her friend taught her a few chords and loaned her a guitar.

In the mid 80's , she moved to the Bay Area and started making the rounds as a singer/songwriter. For awhile she was a backup singer in the Afro Beat band, Bole Bantu. She briefly was a member of the Oakland Jazz Choir before taking a hiatus from musical pursuits to give birth to and raise her second child.

In 1995, she happened to wander into a small cafe and hear her future mentors (Robert Lowery and Virgil Thrasher) performing raucous acoustic blues. Her life and music were sooned changed as she found her musical direction and inspiration. Since then, she has had the honor of performing at several festivals in California and touring southern Italy with Sonny Rhodes, opening for the late J.J.Cale and releasing two CD's. Rabia, has started on a new venture: rehearsing with a trio which will be debuting later this year.

Keizo, a former session musician in Japan, brought his exensive rock music knowledege to create a perfect blend of Folk Rock and Americana. He formerly was a studio musician in Japan before coming to the states in 1979 and becoming a rock photo journalist. He worked for the late Chet Helms and became friends with several of his rock heroes from the formative days of San Francisco music scene.

I am honored to have learned from and performed with the late great Robert Lowery and Virgil Thrasher

Rev. Rabia has performed at the San Francisco Blues Festival (2002)

Opened for J.J. Cale (2004)

Toured Southern Italy wth Sonny Rhodes (2005)

Opened for Mike Wilhelm

at RED DOG SALOON ( 2014)

Opened for Chris Cain and Daniel Castro Summer 2016 Blue Wing

Uptown Blues

Robert Lowery, Virgil Thrasher & Rev. Rabia (Lost Recordings)

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